Pohl Academic Building

phol_acdemic_buildingThe Pohl Academic Building is home to the Department of Health and Kinesiology and the Pohl Gymnasium. The Departmrnt of H&K has three classrooms, a Human performance Laboratory, a seminar room, and student lounge.  The building is named for and dedicated to Ms. Emma Ody Pohl who was the Head of the Physical Education Department from 1908 – 1955.


Human Performance Laboratory


The Human Performance Laboratory is equipped with a variety of equipment commonly used in the field. Students gain hands-on experience in fitness testing and other performance measures such anaerobic and aerobic power, body composition analysis, and basic blood work.


 Stark Recreation Center

stark-rec-centerThe Stark Recreation Center houses a natatorium, strength and conditioning room, aerobics studio, and gymnasium. The Stark Recreation Center is dedicated to Ms. Marie Charlotte Stark, an MUW alumnus and life-long supporter of MUW.